Join Harmony Crescendo

Join Harmony Crescendo

If you're already familiar with Harmony Crescendo, scroll down and complete the form below to apply. Otherwise, read on for more info.

What is Harmony Crescendo?

Crescendo is our program that gives property managers a voice in the ongoing improvements of the best cloud-based property management software. Harmony users participating in Crescendo use the beta release of HERO Harmony and advise our development team on how to make things better, faster, and easier for property management, as they run their business on the software. Other companies call similar programs their "insider" or "elite access" program.

At HERO PM®, we believe it's impossible to reach the heights of perfection without our users, and it's you who allow us to reach the crescendo.

Who can Join Harmony Crescendo?

If the following describes you, you are the ideal Crescendo participant:

  • You have great ideas on how to improve property management software
  • Your current software solution isn't doing it for you
  • You enjoy working in an environment of fast improvement
  • You currently manage more than 20 and fewer than 250 units (any mix of long-term, short-term, commercial, and storage rentals)
  • You communicate well

Why the 250 Unit Limit?

At this time we are looking to expand the program with a certain type of property manager/landlord. Those with fewer than 250 units tend to have different needs and do property management differently than larger companies. The limited number also allows us to implement changes faster in a beta environment, and resolve issues more quickly.

Have More than 250 Units?

Even if you don't qualify for Crescendo right now, Harmony may still be a great fit for your company! Feel free to sign up with a Launch account after reivewing the parameters, or contact us to discuss your options.

What is HERO Harmony?

Harmony is a modern, cloud-based, all-in-one software from HERO PM that brings together accounting, CRM, marketing, maintenance, inspections, work flow, and task/project management into a unified platform. 

HERO HankInterested in learning what's included in the software? Visit What Is HERO Harmony?, or the summary overview of significant features.

Apply to Join

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